Super Bowl 2018 Kickoff: Updated Team News & Predictions

January 23, 2018 10 min to read

As everything seems to indicate, the Minnesota Vikings failed one more time to reach the final and win the Super Bowl.

They just can’t get a break.

We landed right on our prediction though as both of the two teams we believed would reach the conference championships and then the Super Bowl did exactly that.

The Super Bowl 2018 kickoff will take place on the 4th of February at 6:30 PM EST.

The game will be played in the home of the Vikings in Minnesota at the U.S. Bank Stadium.

We are going to talk about everything today.

Analysis of each conference championship game and predictions as well as best betting odds for the upcoming final game.

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super bowl 2018 kickoff

Where Can You See The Super Bowl Online?

If you live in the US things will be easy for you.

Verizon will stream the event live through its online media including the Yahoo Sports.

You can also use your Android/iOS device to watch it through the dedicated Yahoo Sports app.

NBC is also going to stream the Super Bowl through its sports app completely for free.

You can access it via any device, even Xbox, and Amazon Fire TV.

Various other networks and even the official YouTubeTV will stream it.

Hulu with Live TV, Fubo TV, Sling TV, DirecTV Now, PlayStation Vue and various others have already confirmed that they are going to be streaming it as well.

To access all of the above you will need to either live in the US or use an American IP address.

You can do that by using a VPN.

We recommend that you use WindScribe as you can get 10 GB on their free (no credit card needed) monthly program.

There still isn’t information on whether the game will be streamed by NFL on YouTube or Facebook but still, plenty of viewing options keep emerging to the surface.

In the UK you will be able to watch the event via the BBC iPlayer.

Sky Sports is going to be broadcasting the American coverage of the event.

Here is where you can see the Super Bowl based on where you live:

  • Canada – Dazn, CTV, CTV 2, TSN
  • Africa – Super Sports, Zuku
  • Australia – Foxtel, Seven Networks
  • France – W9
  • India – Sony Ten, Sony Six
  • China – TBC

The broadcast will be available in 7 different languages and available in about 170 countries and other places.

For more information, you can check out this page>>

What Happened In The Conference Championships?

Well, both games were going “sideways” from the perspective of the fans and here is why.


The New England Patriots managed to get a win from the Jacksonville Jaguars after what appeared to be an endless game.

The Patriots who were the favourite to win were on a 20-10 deficit when 40-year-old quarterback Tom Brady proved once more that football, just like wine, gets better with age.

With only 9 minutes left, he turned the tides and went on to get a 24-20 win for his team.

We have predicted that the Patriots would win and we also landed right on our predictions regarding the Over/Under bets of both team’s goals, and the margin of victory bet as well as which team would win.

The only bet we didn’t manage to predict right was the Over 46.5 option but we came so close.

Good thing we advised you not to bet on that option, though!

It was after all an easier game to judge.

We predicted the score would be 26-24 in favour of the Patriots and we are very happy to see that we came so close to the actual outcome (24-20).


Even though we were rooting for the Vikings, we mentioned that there was a good chance of them losing.

And so they did.

In fact, they weren’t only defeated, they got smashed to the ground after 38-7 game in favour of the Eagles.

Who would expect that the number one defensive line in all the NFL with an average of 15.8 received goals per game would go on and concede more than double that amount?

The Eagles proved that they not only do they deserve a spot in the 2018 Super Bowl but they may even get to win the game in the end.

It won’t be easy though, as the Patriots desire to get that all time 10 Super Bowl wins record.

Better watch out Eagles, because Mr Brady isn’t going to be as soft as the Vikings were with you.

Even though we, as well as the rest of the world, were way off regarding the final score of the game we still managed to predict right on the Over/Under betting option of each team’s number of goals.

That being said, we had 4/4 in that specific betting option.

Where Can I Bet On The Super Bowl Online?

Even though there are various online bookmakers in the world that are going to provide betting opportunities for the upcoming Super Bowl game we would strongly advise you to use the site of Bovada.

It isn’t just because their odds are great but since the event takes place in the US, then Bovada would be the most suitable way to go as it is considered to be the number one place for US sports bettors.

On top of that, they are one of the few major bookmakers that display their odds in the American format and provide so many betting options on each NFL postseason game.

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super bowl 2018

 Who Should You Bet On?

We just mentioned that you are going to find tons and tons of betting options on the upcoming game but to be truthful not all of them are guaranteed to give you a profit.

This is why we decided to give you our professional perspective on how the game is going to unravel.

To start off, we are, again, going to stick with the 3 same betting options we used on our conference championship games predictions article some days before.

This time, however, we are going to add a couple of options like the passing yards of specific players, for example. (Yeah, this is because Tom Brady inspired us to do so!)

If you are more of a traditional bettor then you could always bet on which team is going to be the outright winner.

Bovada offers the New England Patriots a -200 odd as the Philadelphia Eagles sit on +170 odds.

Here are the other options you have:

1. Over/Under

One of the best betting options you could go for when placing a bet on the NFL is without a doubt the Over/Under.

You don’t necessarily have to go for the total amount of goals. In fact, it would be much better to choose each team.

Let us remind you that we landed 4/4 in our predictions regarding the conference championships.

As both teams are strong in the offence and average in defence the baseline has been set at 48.5 goals while the Over gives -105 and the Under sits at -115.

Since both teams haven’t received too many goals in the previous rounds we would go for the Under option.

Now regarding each team’s goals here is what you have to know.

  • New England Patriots

Even though the Patriots had one of the strongest offensive lines this season the Conference Championship game showed otherwise.

We don’t think that they will make it past the 27 goals baseline.

Bovada seems to have the same opinion as the Under sits at -130 odds while the Over is EVEN.

  • Philadelphia Eagles

The team that crashed the Minnesota Vikings on a 38-7 win are coming strong fighting to get the Super Bowl win this year.

The team seems to be on a roll as it managed to score thirty-eight times against the best defensive line in the whole of NFL.

Will the Patriots be able to handle them?

We don’t think so and this is why the goal baseline set at 21 goals is more likely to pay out in the Over option at -125 odds while the Under stands at -105.

If you were to ask us we would say that because each team is afraid of the other, the defence is going to play a big role in the Super Bowl game.

So much that the total goals will be under 48.

If we had to give a prediction we would go for a 25-22 in favour of the Patriots.

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1. Margin of Victory

This betting option can earn you a lot of money if used correctly that is.

Since it is still pretty early for the special bets to start appearing, Bovada doesn’t offer such an option.

However, judging by the previous Playoff stages they are most likely going to start offering one is a couple of days or so.

They tend to follow a specific pattern.

By that, we mean that almost always they set the margin of victory in 6 goal increments (win with 1-6 goals, 7-12 etc).

Sometimes, however, they will go with 1-4, 5-11, and so on.

We suggest that you use the two smallest increment in favour of the Patriots and the smallest one in favour of the Eagles.

This is exactly the same way we went for in the game against the Jacksonville Jaguars and succeeded.

2. Passing – Rushing Yards

Tom Brady had an injury but he still made the Jaguars game.

In fact, not only did he make an appearance but he was absolutely amazing.

More than 10 days after his recovery will be in a further stage so we believe he is going to perform as well if not even better.

No matter what the baseline for his passing yards is (it still isn’t offered) we advise you to bet Over it.

Regarding the rushing yards of each team, we wouldn’t advise you to bet on it.

It is a very difficult thing to predict. On top of that, why would you risk money on such an option while there are tons of others that can prove to be so much profitable?


Now that we have taken care of the betting options you have we would like to mention some other things you should consider.

First of all, Tom Brady.

The 40-year-old, as previously mentioned, is still injured and at any given time something may happen and as a result, he might not perform well or maybe not play at all.

We know that the chance of this happening is very slim but you must be aware of everything when placing a bet.

Even though the Patriots are the favourite to win take a moment and think about this.

What are the chances of winning two consecutive Super Bowls while going against a team so strong such as the Eagles?

Still, we are rooting for the Patriots but when the Super Bowl 2018 kickoff time is here then and only then will people be able to see the whole picture.

Until then the only thing left for us to do is study statistics and watch the previous games again and again so that we can be able to place a bet as accurately as possible.

We advise you to do the same and place your final bet for the upcoming Super Bowl game.

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