Super Bowl Bets 2018 (6 Tips)

January 24, 2018 10 min to read

The 52nd Super Bowl is on the way and we are all looking up to the amazing game between the New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles.

This year the venue will be the U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis. The time the game will start is 6:30 PM (ET) and will be broadcasted by NBC and tons of other channels and major media companies.

As the days go over, more and more Super Bowl winning bets 2018 keep emerging to the surface.

As the NFL happens in the US all the odds you are about to see in this article are provided from the number one online bookmaker for American citizens, Bovada!

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Super Bowl Bet 2018

What Happened In The Conference Championships?

This year was different from the others as in both games things went sideways meaning that nobody could expect what they were about to witness and who will play at the Super Bowl.


The Patriots were almost defeated by the Jags until Tom Brady thought it was time to deliver and gave two touchdown passes in the last 9 minutes of the game.

As a result, the 20-10 point deficit quickly turned into a 24-20 and thus the victory came to the Patriots.

What is really interesting is the bad luck of the Patriots throughout the whole game. Brady being injured with 12 stitches in his hand and Rob Gronkowski getting injured mid-game indicated that they were going to lose.

That was until Brady worked his magic and managed to lead the Patriots to another Super Bowl.

If you want to get more Information on the Patriots Super Bowl Appearances check out our new article.


The team favorite to win was the Minnesota Vikings as the idea of playing in their 5th Super Bowl and finally winning for once was a strong motive for them.

They would even have the advantage of playing in their own stadium. However, the tides were turned and the Eagles absolutely demolished what the whole season’s best defensive line was.

By doing so they walked away with a 38-7 victory under their belt.

Was it the bad choices, the poor offense, or did some other thing went wrong?

We guess we will never be able to know for sure. The only thing we do know however is that on the 4th of February we will witness one of the greatest Super Bowl matchups in the whole NFL history.

Patriots vs Eagles, Brady vs Foles, Belichick vs Peterson!

Both teams’ quarterbacks have been having problems.

Brady with his hand and Carson Wentz with his own injury. However, Foles did not only manage to fill in but he also led his team to the Super Bowl.

As for the Super Bowl, the two teams have played against each other only once back in 2005 where the Patriots managed to win a 31-28 game.

If we were to count all games between them though, then the Eagles would have the lead by one game (7-6).

Now that you have the basic image in your head it is about time that we talked about the Super Bowl bets 2018.

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Bovada Super Bowl 52 Odds

Just yesterday we published an article on how many betting options still weren’t available but today, just 24 hours later, this has changed.

If you visit Bovada you are going to find an abundance of choices and there will be even more that are yet to come.

We are going to take a look and analyze most of those so that we can advise you on which ones you can and absolutely should bet.

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picks to win the super bowl 2018


According to the odds table, the team most favourite to win are the New England Patriots who sit at a -190 odd while the Philadelphia Eagles are assigned a +165.

Now, this is the money line meaning that you will be betting only on which of the two teams end up winning the game outright.

If you want you could also bet on the winner but wager on the spread option instead.

In case you don’t know this indicates not only which team is going to win but with how many points (at least) will their margin of victory be.

The spread on the Patriots is -5 at -110 odds meaning that if they win the game with at least a 5 point difference you will win the bet.

The Eagles stand at +5 at -110 odds as well. In order to win that bet, you would either need for the Eagles to win the game or to lose with less than a 5 point difference.

You can also bet on the halftime spread of Patriots -3 at -105 odds and Eagles +3 at -115 odds.

As the upcoming Super Bowl game is going to be a very tough one, especially after the Conference Championships, we wouldn’t advise you to bet on the winner, either that being outright or by the spread.

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We have talked about this specific betting option many times before and the reason for that is that it pays extremely well if you know how to use it.

You are given a baseline (for example 45) and you can either bet on the total game points to be more or less than that number.

Before we continue we would like to remind you that we landed right on all of our 4 predictions regarding each team’s total Over/Under points in the Conference Championships and we may as well be the only sports betting website that did so.

It would be a good idea to pay close attention to what you are about to read next because it could either make you or break you, depending on whether you want to bet on it that is.

Starting with the whole game and both teams together, the baseline is 48.5 points. The Under gives -115 while the Over a -105 odd.

So the Under is more likely to happen.

Now judging by how each team performed in the last game you can see why the answer to how you should wager on this particular betting option is pretty hard.

On the one hand, you have the team with one of the best offensive lines and the best quarterback currently in the NFL while on the other hand, you have a team which managed to get a 38-7 victory over the best defensive line of the whole season.

Because of that, we think that the coaches will advise their players to count a lot on defence so that they will not receive many points.

Thus we would advise you to bet on the Under.

If we had to give a prediction on how the final score may look we would go for something like a 24-20 in favor of the Patriots.

Now regarding the Over/Under of each team.

The Patriots are given a baseline of 27 with -135 odds for the Over and +105 odds for the Under.

3.Margin of Victory

We aren’t even going to mention the halftime ones because they are very difficult to predict.

We will, however, take a look at the margin of victory of the total game.

As the Patriots are more likely to win we are going to use the 1-6 point lead which offers +300 odds and the 1-6 point lead of the Eagles at +400 odds.

If you want to be sure (but decrease your profit) you can choose a third option which is the 7-12 points win of the Patriots which offers +400 odds.

For this betting option, we are going to use the Dutching Formula.

We have talked about it in various of our previous articles simply because it is so good and profitable.

Let’s say you have a 100$ budget that you want to bet on the Super Bowl.

We are going to use this tool to determine how you should distribute that money to the 3 betting selections mentioned above.

If you were to use the Dutching Formula your winnings would be close to 154$ which means that with 3 of the most likely outcomes to the Super Bowl game you can get a 54$ profit (54%).

This one of the best Super Bowl bets 2018!

The Dutching Formula can be used on various other betting options as well.

An exact winning margin is an option where you select the exact amount of points one team will have over the other.

So if you were to choose the 1-3 points margin for each team you would end up with 6 selections and a big chance of winning the bet. This, however, increases the risk but the possible profits are way more.

Super Bowl bets 2018

4.First Goal

Bovada has too many available bets that if we were to talk about all of them we would need more than 3 articles to cover them.

With two teams like that the chances of one scoring in the first 7m30s are very high and the odds offered are -175 so that could be a pretty safe nice bet to get you some money.

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5.Team to Record Most First Downs

Now, this is somewhat of a gamble. You can’t know which team is going to do that.

The chances are in favor of the Patriots who are on a +3 with -115 odds while the Eagles are on a -3 with the same exact -115 odds.

Predicting something like this is very tough and the odds aren’t that great to try going into the risk included with those betting options.

That being said, we recommend you NOT to place a wager on that.

6.Passing Yards

This bet isn’t available yet but will most likely be in a couple of days or so.

As Brady is injured and the Eagles play with their second Quarterback online bookmakers are going to provide some odds for the passing yards for sure.

After Brady’s performance, we would go for an Over, no matter what the odds and the baseline will be.

The chances of landing a successful bet are too high to let it go.

Even Foles has proved to be a great substitute for the position of Wentz.

They will both perform great. There is no doubt about that. The only thing remaining to see is who is going to perform better than the other.


10 days from now we are going to witness one of the best Super Bowls of the century.

The Super Bowl bets 2018 are already getting crazy.

Everyone bets on them and you should too. By following our advice you can earn a lot of money.

So go visit the site of Bovada and place your bet while the odds are great. Good luck!

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