The Fantasy Premier League: Who Should You Pick?

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Before the Premier League kicks off on Friday the 11th of August, football fans – both seasoned veterans and newbies – are wracking their brains to make sure that their fantasy premier league team is the best possible.

Figuring out the makeup of your team can be quite stressful, especially if you’re slightly indecisive.

In this article, we’ll be looking at the players that are most popular amongst players.

Remember, it is free to set up an account. Once your team is set up, you can challenge your mates in a head-to-head league or the more traditional private league.

You are also allowed to have multiple leagues for offices, family, friends, and other groups. We suggest you read up on how to set up a winning team, which competitions to opt for, and other tips here.

It is hard to build a winning team with just a £100m budget. If you want to win, you need the Premier League Big Guns.

However, there are a number of players that are undervalued. #Teamalpha consulted with seasoned players to figure out the most valuable players. This article will look at our selection of the best players to pick, taking into account their price.

the fantasy premier league

Our Selection


Don’t ignore defenders. It may be tempting to start spending your money on strikers or midfielders, but you’ll realise it wasn’t a good idea when you have to find five defenders for under £25m. Remember, you only have a £100m. You need to use your money wisely if you want to become a successful fantasy owner.

There are a lot of defenders to choose from, but what one must remember defenders that will score or create opportunities for goals. Full-backs are the best to opt for.

#1 James Milner £6.5m

Although he started out as a midfielder, he can now be considered a full-back. The 31-year old struck 7 goals last season and managed to score 139 points in the FPL last season. He also managed to get 4 assists.

#2 KIeran Trippier – £5.5m

In only 568 minutes of Premier League football, Trippier scored five assists.

#3 Cedric – £5m

Southampton has the easiest road ahead in the opening six weeks of the Premier League.

Their only real challenge comes in on game-week six when they play against Manchester United. Cedric is your best bet to make a profit in the first six games and get a head’s start.

#4 Leighton Baines – £6m

This full-back is 32 years old now, but that didn’t stop him from making 32 league appearances and scoring 2 goals last season.

#5 Gary Cahill – £6.5m

Chelsea’s Gary Cahill is the only centre-back in the top five scoring defenders in fantasy football last season. He scored at least once in each of the last Premier League campaigns.

We wanted to limit our list of defenders to five, but we must mention another – Charlie Daniels. Bournemouth’s left-back was instrumental to Bournemouth’s success. Charlie Daniels raked 85 points for his team, and he is considered one of the best defenders.

Thanks to Daniels, Bournemouth placed ninth in the last season – an impressive feat for a team that was in League Two in the previous year.

the fantasy premier league


Now that you have a selection of defenders, it is time to build the perfect Strikeforce.

A Fantasy Premier League team must have front men that can score, and contribute to assists. We suggest you build your strikes from established stars and bargain finds.

#1 Romelu Lukaku £11,5m

Last year he was the second best striker. Now he is playing with Manchester United – a very strong team which will definitely help him shine further.

#2 Joshua King £7.5m

King plays with Bormouth, and last year he was one of the best performing strikers. He is a valuable budget pick if you intend to on adding expensive players like Romelu Lukaku in your team.

#3 Droy Veemiy

He plays with Watford. He isn’t the most consistent pick, but he plays pretty much every single game. Although he won’t always be on his A-game, you will be guaranteed a good amount of scores with this pick.


Before we give our list of the five best midfielders, we must mention a player that may seem like a bit of an obvious choice. Alexis Sanches was the best midfielder last season, but he is a risky pick since he is probably going to be sold this year.

It is better to wait until later in the league to see what happens – if he doesn’t get sold, you can go ahead and buy him.

Until then, these are two very good alternative picks:

#1 Dele Alli

Plays with Tottenham Hotscurl. He costs 9.5 million. He is one of the most popular picks in the league.

#2 Eden Hazard 10.5m

After a brilliant performance last year, the Chelsea player is predicted to be the player of the season this time around.

#3 Wilfried Zaha

Wilfred Zaha plays with Crystal Palace. He is an underrated player, which means he is a very valuable pick, If you want to be a successful Fantasy Owner, undervalued players like Wilfried are what you need to be looking for. He costs 7m.

#4 Georginio Wijnalbum

Georginio Wijnaldum has proven himself to be a valuable pick over the last two years. He is a bit inconsistent as a player, sometimes doing very well, and sometimes fading in the background. He plays He costs 7m.

 #5 Ross Barkley

The Everton player is currently injured, so you will only be able to play him later on, but he is an extremely reliable pick who has proven himself with consistently good results.

#6  Etienne Capoue

The Watford started off last season with a blaze, scoring a lot of goals and establishing himself as a powerhouse. Unfortunately, he lagged a bit behind towards the end. He currently costs 5.5 million.

the fantasy premier league

Goal Keepers

This is where the budgeting needs to kick in. An obvious choice is Thomas Highton. Last season, the Burnley player was the top goalkeeper in the league. These are two other options that are equally strong.

#1 David De Gea 5.5m

Thomas Highton may have dominated last year, but David De Gea is our top pick for this season. He is consistently one of the best performing goal keepers in the Premier League, and if he meets expectations, he will become one of the best keepers in the sport.

#2 Hugo Lloris 5.5m

The Tottenham Hotspur player was the second best performing goalkeeper last season. Hugo Lloris is renowned for being one of the best sweeper keepers out there.


We hope our list helped you get closer to building the team who you think will win the Fantasy Premier League.

The Premier League is the top football tournament out there. It lasts almost a full year, so buckle up, this is going to an interesting journey.

Be the winner you were always meant to be.

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