LeoVegas Or William Hill? – Best Football Betting For The 2018 World Cup

June 19, 2018 10 min to read

The hugely anticipated 2018 World Cup is now live and punters all over the world over have already been busy deciding what teams to back and which bets to place.

As the worlds largest sporting event, the World Cup attracts the largest amount of wagers and you will probably be among them.

Are you going to put your money on the usual favourites as the outright winner?

Or perhaps you are thinking of backing a dark horse to this time take down the trophy?

Maybe you have a hunch as to the two teams that are going to contest the final?

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LeoVegas and William Hill are two that we would recommend for football betting during the World Cup, and we thought that a comparison between the two will help to choose which of them to go with.

We have compared both LeoVegas and William Hill in a number of different categories to see which of them come out on top.

In this article we cover:

World Cup Football Betting Bookmakers

Easiest to Use

The ease of use of an online sportsbook might not be the main priority for experienced punters but for beginners, it is almost imperative.

The last thing any new punter will want is to be confused and overwhelmed with what they are seeing on the screen. Instead, they will want an easy-to-use interface that makes it very simple to understand how to use it.

Let's see how these two shape up in that area:


LeoVegas has always been known for being an easy to use platform no matter whether you are there to enjoy some online slots, some live dealer games or to place some bets on their sportsbook.

Everything is laid out in a crisp, a clean and an efficient format that makes it easy to find what you are looking for.

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As for the sportsbook, in particular, you will easily be able to see where you need to go, with each of the sports listed at the top.

Once you click the sport you wish to bet on, which in this case will be football, you just click ‘football’. You will then be taken to a list of all of the events that they are currently accepting bets on.

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William Hill

As for William Hill, at first glance, this looks a little more overwhelming compared to LeoVegas but this is just due to the increased information on the screen.

It is still fairly easy-to-navigate and understands once you know where to look.

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The sports you can bet on are once again at the top and football, being the biggest sport in the world, is obviously the first of them.

Once you have selected football, you will easily be able to navigate to whichever anchor competition to bet on and will be given the many football betting options and odds that William Hill provides.

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The Winner Is…

Leo Vegas 

All in all, in terms of ease of use we would have to go with LeoVegas on this one.

If you are a more experienced punter, however, you will probably have no problems with William Hill and its interface.

Best Bonuses

Betting Bonuses For The World Cup 2018

Bonuses are a big part when deciding on a new sportsbook to enjoy and it is easy to see why when there are free money and bets on offer.

However, every sportsbook is different with some being more generous than others in this regard.

So, who has the best welcome bonuses between LeoVegas and William Hill?

Let’s take a look:


LeoVegas has always been renowned for being a mobile-focused online casino and sportsbook. This is not to say that they are against PC-users but it does seem that mobile players are their main interest.

This is again seen with their welcome bonus only being available to punters that make their first deposit using a mobile device.

That offer is for a ‘double boost’ bonus, which essentially means that your first bet has the odds doubled.

This basically means that should you win your first bet, you will win double the money you would normally have won.

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William Hill

We feel that William Hill has the edge in terms of bonuses, especially the welcome bonus as you will be given £30 in free bets once you place the first bet of £10.

This gives you more flexibility with your bonus as you can choose to use it in one go or spread it across numerous bets.

At LeoVegas you are relying on your original bet to win in order to get your bonus – here you get your bonus no matter the result of your first bet.

William Hill also has a number of other bonuses that they offer such as 15% free bets on selected sports.

The Winner Is…

William Hill 

We feel that William Hill might be the better option if you feel that the welcome bonus is important to you.

Admittedly, LeoVegas does have an awesome welcome bonus at their online casino but they have not offered anything quite as generous in this case.

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Most Betting Options

Betting Options For The World Cup 2018

The number of betting options and markets differs depending on the sports you like to follow and wager on, however, generally a sportsbook with more diverse betting options is considered better.

This is of course unless you prefer to bet on just a few sports with basic yet effective betting types.

LeoVegas and William Hill both do a good job in this area but which of them is the best?

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Leo Vegas

At LeoVegas, you have the ability to enjoy live betting as well as betting on the outright results beforehand.

During live play, the odds will constantly change and be upgraded as the action takes place on the pitch and you will be given the ability to bet on things like the next goalscorer, the winning margin the final score or the score at half-time.

While in-play betting is great fun you might not have the time to bet while the games are on and would prefer to do some outright bets instead.

This is where you place bets before the game starts and these could be anything from the final score, the half-time score, first goalscorer among many others.

As for the bets that you can place, you will have the ability to lay down:

  • Singles Bets
  • Combination Bets
  • System Bets

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William Hill

William Hill has a very big headstart in regards to being a sportsbook as this brand has been offering sports betting services long before the internet even existed.

LeoVegas, on the other hand, started out as an online casino before then adding a sportsbook as another betting variety for their customers to choose from.

One way they standout is that they offer live streaming of many of the major sports which mean that punters can watch the action while they bet on it.

They also have far more betting options than LeoVegas.

Here you can place:

  • Singles
  • Scorecast
  • Tricast
  • Forecasts and reverse forecasts
  • Doubles
  • Trebles
  • Accumulators
  • Round Robins

And many, many more.

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The Winner Is…

William Hill

It is quite obvious who the winner is here and this is to be expected considering William Hill is one of the biggest and longest running bookmakers in the world.

They have been offering sports betting since 1932 and this is their specialization.

This is definitely the sportsbook you will want to use if you are a more experienced punter that wants to place more advanced bets.

As for LeoVegas, they are going to suit those of you that prefer to keep things simple with the more straightforward betting options.

Countries You Can Bet From

Germany World Cup 2018


At LeoVegas, they claim that the only countries that they restrict from signing up and betting from are that of:

  • Australia
  • Afghanistan
  • Curacao
  • Cyprus
  • Ethiopia
  • Iran
  • Iraq
  • Kuwait
  • Somalia
  • Syria
  • U.S.A
  • Belgium
  • Denmark

We are not quite sure if there are others not included on that list but we would assume so.

What we do know is that the UK and most of Europe will have no trouble signing up and using the LeoVegas Sportsbook to place their bets on the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

William Hill

William Hill is a little bit more specific regarding the punters from whichever country are permitted to use their online sportsbook.

They have listed 85 countries that are restricted as well as each country that they do accept.

Citizens from 28 countries in total are permitted to use the William Hill sportsbook with the majority being across Europe.

Exceptions to this rule include:

  • Australia
  • Malaysia
  • Egypt
  • Argentina

The Winner Is…

Leo Vegas

The information at LeoVegas is a little vague but if we were to take it by the letter, it would seem that they offer their services to many more countries that William Hill does.

There are only 13 countries that are restricted compared to the 85 at William Hill.

This, of course, matters very little if you are among those accepted at both but if you are from anywhere outside of Europe, your best chance of being accepted will be at LeoVegas.


countries you can bet from for the world cup

Now that we know a little about both the LeoVegas and William Hill sportsbooks, we should now take a look at the limitations that each of them has.

They are both excellent choices when it comes to betting on the 2018 World Cup but each has their own benefits and limitations.


The limitations forLeoVegas in our opinion, are the:

  • Fewer betting options and sports covered
  • A lack of live streaming of any events
  • The welcome bonus is not too much to write home about

It is still a very young sportsbook in comparison to William Hill though, so we are pretty sure they will strive to become just as big as them one day.

We have to remember that their speciality is their online casino and the slots that they provide.

They have won numerous awards in this area and we would imagine that they will want to be doing the same with their online sportsbook as well.

William Hill

As for William Hill, despite being the more advanced sportsbook in terms of the betting options and markets, this actually goes against it for the more casual punter or a newbie to sportsbooks.

It can come across as fairly daunting if you do not know what you are doing and therefore could scare newcomers away.

It is meant to be more advanced though, so they will already have decided to target the experienced punters.

William Hill is also not as widely available as that of LeoVegas which is a limitation for those of you that are not able to use the sportsbook.


To summarize, it would seem that both of these are great options for their own reasons.

LeoVegas is perfect for people who want to make straightforward bets or are new to sports betting while William Hill is more for the experienced punter.

If you just want to make some simple bets and enjoy some more basic betting options, LeoVegas should be the place to go.

If you want more than that, William Hill is definitely the place to go.

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