12 Betting Options For World Cup 2018

December 12, 2017 10 min to read

If you want to make some real money without risking losing your wager on special betting opportunities then this is the article for you.

We will start by showing you the odds regarding the outright winner as presented by the best online bookmaker.

If you are looking for the best bookmakers and odds to bet on the world cup, jump straight to that page: Where To Bet On The World Cup Online.

We are a week after the kick off of the biggest sports event in 2018, the FIFA World Cup, and the bets are always changing.

Most of the money to have been placed up to this point is about who is going to be the outright winner of the event.

However, you should let people and bookmakers fight over relatively average odds while you bet a bit more tactical by using those 12 betting options for World Cup 2018.

We are going to provide you with a simple yet really effective betting strategy to help you maximize your potential winnings!

Covered in this article:

1. Betting Options For World Cup 2018:

2. Betting Strategy

Betting Options For World Cup 2018

betting options for world cup 2018

1. Outright Winner

Just as previously stated we are going to start with the very first and most popular betting option for the World Cup.

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2. Team To Reach The Finals

This one is a bit similar to who is going to win the event and the odds are almost identical. However, this is probably the bet from which you can make the most money out of.

The odds are very good and you will not have to go into much risk as the odds are in your favour.

We took a look at the odds William Hill offers on this specific bet.

Brazil which is the favourite to win the event is most likely going to at least be in the finals. They are offered an amazing 5.00 odd and Spain which is second in the predictions have been offered a 5.50.

In our personal opinion, the chance of at least one of those teams reaching the final couple is well above 85-90%.

So if you were to bet let’s say £100 on both of them and only one of them turned out to be a successful bet then you would have at least £125 in profit.

Now imagine them being the final couple you would have a huge profit!

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3. Name The Finalists

Very similar to the previous betting option as once again you will have to bet on which teams are going to be the final couple.

A very easy bet to make some good money off.

If you were to divide let’s say £100 to the top 9-10 options using the Dutching Formula (we are going to talk about how this works on the last part of the article) you would probably end up winning 99% of the time and would come up with a profit almost identical to the amount of your initial bet.

This is possibly the lowest odd for the top two favorite's finalists, Brazil vs Spain is 15.00 and from thereafter the odds are only getting higher.

Out of the 12 betting options for World Cup 2018, this has to be the easiest one to win, provided you bet on multiple options.

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betting options for world cup 2018

4. Best European Team

Betfair, the Exchange version of the site to be exact, has to be the only online major bookmaker to provide so many betting options and this is one that could be pretty tough to predict but on the other hand very profitable if guessed right.

Brazil, France, and Spain all have odds higher than 3.20 so if you were to bet on all of them you could easily make a 20% profit at least.

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5. Best Asian Team

This one is a bit more difficult to judge as 4/5 teams coming from Asia are relatively of the same power.

Australia, South Korea,  are offered a 4.33 odd on Betfair while Japan has been assigned a 2.8 and Saudi Arabia a 11.00.

Personally, we would never advise you to be on this option as it is very difficult to judge and you would be going into high risk without even having a big chance of winning good money.

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6. Best North American Team

This could prove to be a very tough one as there are only 3 options and two of them are very close.

The underdog is Costa Rica with a 4.30 odds and the two favourites are Mexico which is offered a 1.40 odd and Panama with a 1.22 odd.

We found that a bit odd (no pun intended) as Mexico is considered to be the strongest out of those three and actually by a pretty big margin.

However, we wouldn’t say no to a bigger odd than expected as it is a way to make more money out of it.

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7. Best South American Team

By betting on this selection you will 99% win but only to a maximum 24-25% profit on your initial wager.

We say that because most people would either bet on Brazil or Argentina as they are the two most powerful teams coming from this conference and they are offered 1.80 and 3.20 odds respectively.

Uruguay follows with 7.50, Colombia with 8.00, and last is Peru with the odds of 41.00.

It is easy money so make sure you place some money on both BRazil and Argentina.

Equal amounts though!

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8. Best African Team

This is a very interesting betting option as there are 5 teams to choose from and 3 of them are very close when it comes to strength.

Morocco is offered a 7.00 odd and Tunisia a 12.00 odd.

Before them you have: Senegal with  3.00,Nigeria  and Egypt with a 3.50 odd.

If you were to put the same money on both Nigeria and Egypt, for example, you could come up with at least a 30% profit.

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9. Top Goalscorer

Not a single odd offered here goes below 8.60 which is extremely good for your pocket that are about to fill up with all the money you can, and most likely will win.

Here are the odds:

  • Neymar- 9.00
  • Messi- 10.00
  • Antoine Griezmann- 12.00
  • Timo Werner- 14.00.
  • Harry Kane- 16.00

However, people seem to easily forget which the favourite teams are and this can be critical as usually, the team that finished higher in the event would have scored more times than a team that was disqualified from a previous stage.

Lionel Messi is with Argentina and Neymar with Brazil, both of which are considered two of the favourite teams to become the next World Cup champions.

Thomas Muller, on the other hand, is placed after Werner  from the (most likely) squad of Germany that has been assigned a 33.00 odd. This is a bit odd as he has scored in almost half of his appearances with the national team.

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betting options for world cup 2018

10. Top Goalscorer/Winner

A combination bet on both the team who is going to win the World Cup 2018 as well as the player to score the most times.

In this betting option, Messi and Argentina come in the second top spot with an odd of 34.00 right behind Brazil and Neymar who have been assigned the 26.00 odd.

These are the only two bets we would recommend from this sector as even guessing one of the two parts of this bet is difficult enough let alone to successfully predict both of them.

Out of the 12 betting options for World Cup 2018, this has to be the most profitable one, provided you win of course.

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11. To Reach The Semi-final/Quarterfinal

This is very similar to betting on who is going to reach the final but this time you would have to bet on who is going to reach the previous stages instead.

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12. Group Winner

This is just what it sounds like – which are the teams that are going to prevail in each of the first 8 groups of 4.

If you want to get some insight on statistics and our own predictions then feel free to check out our previous article.

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Betting Strategy

Want to make a quick buck? Then the only thing you have to do is to apply the Dutching Formula on your multi-selection bets.

We talk about this almost on every one of our betting articles. It is primarily applied to Horse racing but it can work for every other sport as well.

You can find a calculator online to help you as it can do the math for you. You just have to input the odds you want to play on and the budget you have.

The system will distribute the total bet to those betting selections in a way that you will always have the exact same profit, no matter which one of your options wins, provided one does win of course.

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These are the 12 betting options for World Cup 2018 that are currently available.

Choose one of the options mentioned above, pick the online bookmaker of your choice and start betting!

Learn more about the World Cup 2018 here>> 👊

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