World Cup Football Betting Tips You Should Know

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When it comes to football, the World Cup is undeniably the single best and biggest league where countries from all over the globe get a chance to become world champions.

It may take place only once every four years, but it is nonetheless an event that is talked about and anticipated by people worldwide.

In fact, the World Cup football betting odds have already started even though the event will take place in summer next year!

And let’s be honest, our team at AlphaSportsBetting, are dying to know who will be next year’s World Cup champion.

Needless to say, we got ourselves busy and made a list of the best betting odds and tips YOU should know about the World Cup 2018.

Here’s a quick summary of what to expect in this article so you can go ahead and skip to your preferred section:

  1. History of FIFA World Cup
  2. Why you should bet on the football World Cup
  3. World Cup Betting Odds
  4. The Best 5 Teams To Bet On For The World Cup

 world cup football betting

History of FIFA World Cup

The very first World Cup was held in 1930 and was contested as a final tournament of only thirteen teams.

Ever since this initial event, the number of competing nations has increased to over 200 teams from all over the world.

For this reason, the number of teams that qualify to the finals have to be determined over a two-year qualifying process.

Qualifying tournaments take place in each of the six continental zones to cope with that problem and as a result, only 32 teams go into the event out of the 211 eligible to enter qualification.

These teams go through multiple knockout rounds and when there finally are the top 32 teams in play then they are equally distributed into 8 groups of four.

The nation that hosts the event is automatically granted a place on the event.

Find out more about the host city here>>

After each of the teams in each group play against all the others the final two access the stage of 16.

After that point, the couples play a match against each other up until two reach the final couple.

The winner of that last match becomes the champion of the World Cup.

Why You Should Bet On The Football World Cup

To reiterate what we said before, the World Cup is the BIGGEST football event in existence.

But instead of taking my word for it, listen to some numbers and find out how much money is bet on the World Cup. 

The total audience for all the matches of the 2006 World Cup was over 26 billion.

That’s almost 3.5 times the whole population of our planet.

The event attracts major brands like Coca-Cola and Adidas as its main sponsors. Those companies invest huge amounts of money into the event.

For example, Brazil, which was the host of the 2014 World Cup a revenue of more than 10 billion dollars.

A big part of that money comes from the World Cup football betting as well and this is why you can, and absolutely should place some on it as well.

world cup football betting  

The Best World Cup Betting Odds

As of now most of the odds available are about who is going to be the winner of the World Cup.

Bookmakers have listed the World Cup 2018 winner odds for all of the main team.

Punters will profit greatly when placing early bets now as odds are relatively low but will increase as the event gets closer.

It still is too early for the top scorer odds to start appearing.

After our research here are the current best betting odds we could find.

1. Bet365

One of the biggest bookmakers in the world couldn’t be missing providing its users with the option to bet on the upcoming World Cup.

Their odds are great and some of the best in the industry.

Germany which is the current favourite is offered an odd of 5-1 while right behind them comes Brazil with a 5.5-1 odd.

Third comes Spain with an odd of 7-1.

Fourth and fifth in the prediction standings are Argentina and France with 8-1 and 5.5-1 odds respectively.

Now about the underdogs.

First, you have Belgium with an odd of 10-1.

Right behind them comes Italy with a 20-1 odd.

The same exact odd is also offered to England and Portugal as well.

To be honest it is a great opportunity to bet using Bet365 as they offer great welcome bonuses and promotions especially if you are a new player on their platform.

So make sure to check them out if you would like to have the chance to win even more money.

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2. William Hill

The English bookmaker is very similar to Bet365 when it comes to odds, not just about the World Cup but in general.

Read our William Hill review here>>

Just like most online betting sites, you will find, Germany is offered the same old 5-1 odd.

France is next with a 5.5-1 and after them comes Brazil with an odd of 6-1.

In the fourth and fifth place, you will find Spain and Argentina at odds of 7.5-1 and 8-1 respectively.

Just as always William Hill has a special place in his heart when it comes to the underdogs and they prove that once again by giving Belgium the highest odd on the Internet at the time of this writing.

A whopping 14-1 to be exact. Italy has been assigned a 16-1 odd and England, just like Portugal, has an odd of 20-1.

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3. BetStars

They are known for many things, including their sister site’s fame, Pokerstars>>

In fact, they are so great that they have assigned Germany the best odd you can find on the Internet at the time.

A great 5.5-1 to be exact.

After them comes Brazil and France both with an odd of 6-1.

Spain is also close to the top of the predictions with an odd of 6.5-1 followed by Argentina and Belgium with odds of 8-1 and 14-1 respectively.

England and Italy both have been assigned a 20-1 odd and after them is Portugal with a nice 22-1 odd.

Remember that Portugal managed to win the 2016 EURO so it would be a great idea to place some money on them.

4. Marathon Bet

The odds are at Marathon Bet are great.

Starting with the favourite, Germany has been assigned an odd of 5-1 and is followed by Brazil with a 6-1.

Third, in the odds comes Spain with a 7.5-1.

We know their odds have been pretty standard so far but here comes the best thing about them.

They offer the best odd you can find anywhere on the Internet in favour of Argentina.

An 8.5-1 odd to be exact.

Furthermore, France has an odd of 6-1 and Belgium comes with a great 14-1 odd.

Another top odd record for them is England’s odds of 22-1.

Just like England, Portugal has the same 22-1 odd and Italy has been assigned a 20-1 odd.

We guess now you see why we included Marathon Bet on this list.

To be honest, they are pretty great and their odds are simply excellent.

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5. Betfair

Odds in Betfair Exchange alter all the time but let’s take a look at the current ones offered.

Germany has the usual 5-1 odd and is followed by Brazil and Spain with odds of 5.6-1 and 7.6-1 respectively.

France, just like Brazil, has been assigned the odds of 5.6-1.

Next up is Argentina with an 8-1 odd and then you have Belgium with an odd of 12.8-1.

As for the underdogs, England has a 19-1 odd followed by Italy and Portugal with 22-1 and 23-1 odds respectively!

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world cup football betting

The Best 5 Teams To Bet On For The World Cup

Now that we’ve taken a look at the best odds offered by some of the biggest bookmakers in the world we think it’s high time we also discuss a bit about which five teams are the best ones and why.

When it comes to the World Cup football betting these are the top five you should place a bet on.

1. Germany

Yes, we know this goes without saying.

If they weren’t amazing why would they be in the number one spot in the prediction standings?

Germany has managed to finish in the top four teams of the World Cup 13 times, more than anyone else.

Of said 13 times, four times they have won the World Cup.

Having won the 2014 World Cup they have a very good chance to win this time as well, becoming the third national team to win two consecutive times in the event. The first one was Italy in 1934 and 1938 and the second one was Brazil in 1958 and 1962.

So no matter which team you believe is going to win make sure you place some money on them too.

world cup football betting

2. Brazil

They may be second when it comes to the odds but actually, they are number one when we talk about which team has won the World Cup the most times.

Not only have they managed to finish in the top four 11 times but they have reached the finals seven times and won five of them.

The latest win was back in 2002 and they came fourth in the 2014 World Cup but now after three years they have been in a great shape and are one of the favourites to win once more.

3. Spain

They have only won one time in 2010 and up until that point haven’t even reached the top four since 1950 where they captured fourth place. But Spain has done something most nation’s haven’t.

They managed to win two consecutive EUROs in 2008 and 2012 including winning the World Cup between the two.

Now after some time being in the absence, they have returned to contest the World Cup for one more time.

4. Portugal

They are a great team.

They have managed to reach the finals of 2004’s EURO and finally win the competition in 2016.

Having won the latest EURO has landed them a somewhat good place in the World Cup odds and hence it would be a good idea to bet some money on them.

5. France

They may weren’t the winner of the 2014 EURO but still they managed to reach the final even though they lost 0-1 from Portugal. Because of that and their great latest international appearances France has earned a good place in the odds table.

world cup football betting  


There you have it, folks.

When it comes to the World Cup football betting odds and tips these are the very best you can find on the Internet.

No matter which bookmaker you decide to go with all of them are great, trustworthy, and provide excellent odds.

We also have a guide on how to start betting on the FIFA World Cup 2018, in case you need some additional information.

We would like to wish you that you may win any bet you place and may the team you place money on end up winning the tournament.

Good luck on your 2018 Russia World Cup betting endeavours and make sure to sign up to our newsletter before you go!

Be the winner you were always meant to be.

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