World Cup Football Betting: Top Bookmakers Of 2018

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We bet you liked to watch football matches on television just like we did ever since we can remember.

This sport can just make the fans captivated by it like no other.

Football has it’s own language and has created its own world, where fans of the sport have a common understanding and mutual appreciation for the game.

The World Cup football betting has become an even more interesting hobby than just witnessing the actual matches.

By betting you can make money and one of the best times to do so is now as the odds for the next World Cup after four years is fast approaching.

In this article, we will explain how you can begin placing bets on the upcoming World Cup 2018 and which are the top bookmakers that will give you the latest odds and betting markets.

world cup football betting 

The World Cup 2018 And Why You Should Bet On It

TheWorld Cup is the only event of that sport where nations from all continents can take part.

Of course, not all of them could reach the final stage so there are qualification rounds held in each continental zone.

After a series of games, the final 32 teams have reached the point where the actual tournament starts.

They are divided into 8 groups of four and play once against each other.

The two top teams of each group go into the stage of 16.

From thereafter the couples play single knockout matches until the final couple competes against each other and the victors are the winners of the World Cup.

You should also know that the team of the nation that hosts the event is automatically granted a place in the top 32 so technically only 31 teams fight for a place in the tournament.

The event is held every 4 years and each time a different country is the host.

The 2018 one will take place in beautiful Russia and it will start on June 14 and end on July 15.

You can find out more about the World Cup 2018 host country here>>

But why should you bet on it?

Let’s take a look at who is sponsoring the event.

First are the official partners of FIFA which are Coca-Cola, Hyundai-Kia, VISA, Gazprom, Wanda Group, Adidas, and Qatar Airways.

Then you have the World Cup sponsors which are McDonald’s, Vivo, Hisense, and Anheuser-Busch InBev and there is also a European supporter which is none other than the popular Alfa-Bank JSC.

An estimate of about 12$ billion has gone into the event and online bookmakers didn’t take long to notice that.

So the great odds started pouring in and now just 8 months before the big tournament kicks off is the best time to place a bet.

So let’s take a look at the World Cup football betting top bookmakers of 2018.

world cup football betting 

World Cup Football Betting Top Bookmakers of 2018

There are countless online bookmakers that will cover the big tournament but we did our extensive research and came up with the 5 best ones.

Note that all of those bookmakers that are mentioned in our article are completely trustworthy, safe, and reliable choices so have no hesitation betting on their platforms.

1. Bet365

Just as always this online bookmaker provides great odds on every sporting event going on either now or in the future.

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The football World Cup of 2018 isn’t an exception to that habit.

Even though most bookmakers think Germany will be the favourite to win this event, Bet365 seems to believe otherwise as they offer them an odd of 5.00 just like they do to Brazil and France.

Spain can be found next to the odds table with a 7.00 and Argentina is following with an odd of 8.00.

As for the underdogs, Belgium has been assigned 12.00 odds of winning while England and Italy are right behind them with odds of 20.00 and 25.00 respectively, the latter of which is the highest one you can find on the Internet at the time of this writing.

The winners of the 2016 EURO, Portugal, also have a 20.00 odd.

Apart from some special bets that have been going on during the qualifying rounds, there aren’t any regarding the actual event available at the time.

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2. Bovada

Our American friends can place some bets too but not on what you would normally expect.

At Bovada, you will find both odds for the World Cup 2018 Qualifiers and also Preliminary odds for the World Cup winner odds and World Cup outright odds.

This is great news for punters who would wish to place bets on this world platform of football, also known as Soccer. Bovada is the hub of all that is sports and caters to both beginners and experienced players.

Players would be interested to also note that with Bovada you can place bets using Bitcoin and experience a whole new level of betting.

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3. 888 Sport

The “888” platform has many smaller parts constituting their bigger picture and 888sport is one of the biggest and best ones.

They have some pretty great odds in store for us but something is really unique about them. Can you guess what it is before reading on?

They start on the greener side of the grass as they have given Germany the biggest odd of 6.00 on the Internet right now but afterwards things get even more interesting.

They also provide Brazil with the very best odd you can find anywhere online, a whopping 7.00 to be exact!

France has the same 6.00 odd as Germany.

Argentina and Spain go hand to hand as they share the exact same odd of 9.00.

Underdog time.

Belgium has been assigned a 15.00 odd while Portugal has an 18.00 one and England a 21.00 odd.

There aren’t any special bets available at the moment but they make up for it by providing a great welcome bonus.

Wager 10£ or more on a bet and get 30£ free bets.

You should know that 10£ out of the 30£ in free bets are only available to use on the mobile version of the site.

This makes them one of the World Cup football betting top bookmakers in 2018.

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4. Betfair

Did you ever want to pick your own odds?

Of course, you did and now with Betfair Exchange, you can finally make that dream a reality.

An Exchange version of a site gives the players permission to offer their own odds to games.

Other users can then see those odds and bet on them. The owners of the site will just take a small percentage of the amount users win.

On Betfair Exchange, you will find both Germany and Brazil on a 5.20 odd followed by France with an odd of 5.80.

The following odds are good but not anything amazing.

What you should focus on are the various bonuses going on like the welcome first bet bonus which is also the best one they offer as you get a 10£ free bet, to begin with.

But it doesn’t stop there as for some reason the regular Betfair platform provides even better odds than those of the Exchange version, something very rare.

Let’s take a look at them.

On Betfair’s platform, Germany has been assigned an odd of 5.00 and next is Brazil with a 6.50 one.

France has been given an odd of 7.00 and both Spain and Argentina have the exact same odd of 9.00.

All three of the last odds presented are the best and highest ones available on the Internet at the time of this writing.

As for the underdogs, Belgium has a 12.00 odd while England comes next with a 20.00 one.

Italy and Portugal both have been assigned the same 25.00 odd. Chile, Russia, and Uruguay have 33.00, 40.00, and 50.00 odds accordingly all of which are the best ones you can find online at this time.

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5. Bwin

So what does the “leading online gaming brand” of Europe, as they say for themselves, have in store for us gamblers when it comes to the World Cup 2018?

Their odds are usually very good so how did they treat us for this upcoming football event?

At first, let’s just say that they are very different from Bet365 as they are pretty clear on who they think is going to win.

This is Germany we are talking about of course and Bwin has assigned them an odd of 5.00 which is the usual odd most bookmakers seem to be going with right now.

A bit of a surprise hit us that France comes second in the odds table with a 5.50 and Brazil actually comes third with an odd of 6.00.

Spain is next with a 7.50 odd and right behind them are Argentina and Belgium with 8.00 and 14.00 odds respectively.

When it comes to the underdogs, England has an odd of 20.00 while next is Portugal with a 22.00 and Italy with a 25.00.

It would be a great idea to bet on Bwin as if you place a total value of 25£ or more on bets and at least 10£ on the casino over Monday through Thursday you will be awarded a 10£ free bet that you can use on the weekend.

Find out more about BWin here>>

world cup football betting  

Some Things To Remember

There is some information that you must keep in mind while placing your bet on the 2018 World Cup as some might prove very useful and even profitable if properly taken into consideration.

One of them is Germany.

They may have won the last football World Cup back in 2014 and we get that they are very powerful but keep in mind that only two other teams have managed to win two consecutive World Cups.

They are Brazil and Italy and they both did that over 50 years ago. Things have changed and in our personal opinion, the chances of them winning again are pretty slim.

Belgium may seem like a bad choice but we are definitely going to bet some money on them as they are in a pretty good shape after the last EURO on the summer of last year.

They made it into the “Top 8” stage of the tournament.

Portugal won the event. So betting on them may be a good idea as well.

In some time special bets will start popping up regarding the top goal scorers, assist makers, most passes, and so on.

So be ready to bet on those options as well. Many people have made huge amounts of money by simply betting a couple of dollars on odds like these ones.

Why miss out on being a part of the special betters’ squad yourself?

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This has been our guide on the World Cup football betting as of the time of this writing.

Remember that the odds constantly change and you should keep an eye on some great betting options that may suddenly appear and this can be done by simply signing up to our newsletter>>

These have been the top bookmakers of 2018 regarding of course the upcoming event.

No matter which one you end up going with just know that they are all great options, you really can’t go wrong.

The World Cup is right around the corner and since it only comes once every four years we need to make sure our punter never miss a beat or this case a score!

Who do you think has what it takes to take home the World Class trophy?

Be the winner you were always meant to be.

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